Production Service

This location is in South Norfolk.

This Museum has a full working collection of 18 Large Stationary Steam Engines supplied by steam at 100PSI from a central Cochran boiler. Industrial artefacts and large industrial tools in the surrounding workshops and workspaces. We have the engine that used to open Tower Bridge in London. Our largest working engine is an 85 tonne Triple Expansion Worthington Simpson (600 Horsepower), that used to pump the water for the town of Dover. Our other engines, large and small, consist of tandem compound, quadruple expansion and 2 bean engines. Our oldest exhibit is a working 1873 Corliss Valve Engine (50 Horsepower) that used to drive a lace factory. We have a fully operational, complete, steam powered, line shaft driven Victorian Engineers Workshop (1890's) We have a unique working Soame Steam Cart from 1897 (featured in the 1950's film 'Genevieve') Engine houses and workshops have atmosphere, space and genuine character. We are surrounded by uninterrupted Norfolk Countryside (The Tass Valley) out of site from modern buildings and urban areas. Gravel roads/driveways near workshop areas and open green field space.